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​Introducing artists who have been with us from time to time

ha yun ju


The 30th holder of National Intangible Cultural Heritage in Vocal Music, and a Jungga vocalist with a modern touch. She is deeply fascinated by the profound and tranquil traditional music, Jungga, and continues the origin of Korean traditional sound. She has also been active as an associate member of the National Gugak Center Court Music Group.

Yunju Ha was acknowledged for her skills in the Vocal Music section at the 2018 KBS Korean Traditional Music Awards. She has been active in different fields like the musical play "A Song of Dewdrops," "Yi-Sang-Gyu-Jang-Jeon," and as a radio DJ for "The artist's Back Stage." She received the 2019 Recognition for Advancing Culture and Arts and the Today's Award for Young Artists for her achievements. Yunju Ha is an artist who protects our tradition and searches for new possibilities within it.

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lee bong geun


Bonggeun Lee, a versatile artist who excels as both a singer and an actor, expands his activities beyond boundaries of genres. He can be seen in movies like <Sorikkun> as well as TV shows including <Immortal Songs>, <Joseon PanStar>, <Lotto Singer>, and <Knowing Bros>. Particularly, he takes the lead in delivering pansori performances to the public, and his remarkable achievement of winning the championship in <Immortal Songs> twice is worth mentioning.

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KIm jaewoo

​Jaewoo Kim

Jaewoo Kim, a pansori vocalist, successfully completed her studies at Hanyang University, majoring in Korean Traditional Music, and also obtained a graduate degree. She is the vocalist and representative of the band 'LindOut', and she expresses relatable stories through creative music based on Korean traditional music. She won an award at the 21C Korean Music Project and has participated in various international events such as the 2016 Florence Festival in Italy, the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and the 2018 New York Korean Music Festival, promoting Korean traditional music worldwide.

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Gugak Lee Sang

Gugak E Sang is a group of young traditional Korean musicians who come together in the busy city center to enjoy fun and vibrant music performances. Founded in 2014, they creatively reinterpret traditional Korean performing arts (including Pungmul, Shamanistic, and Masked Dance) and traditional music to fit the modern era. Especially in 2021, they appeared on JTBC's <Pungryu Daejang> and gained popularity, conveying the coolness and attractiveness of traditional Korean music to the public. They strive to bring comfort and inspiration to modern individuals who are tired of their daily lives and work towards the development of traditional Korean music.

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국악이상 프로필 사진2.jpeg


​A daily life

Someilsang is a group formed by Ilsang Yoon, a renowned composer from South Korea, who has many hit songs such as "I Have a Lover," "I Miss You," "Last Love," "I Want to Fall in Love," and "Amor Fati." Through the genre of New Age Pop, Someilsang creatively express extraordinary elements within ordinary daily life. The group is composed of violinist "Jung Daeun," who has been boosting her popularity through various performances such as orchestras, sessions, and musicals; cellist "Kim Soohyun," who has been showcasing exceptional activities in the music industry with her delicate yet at times boundlessly passionate performances; "Kim Soyeop" from the band "Tan+Emotion," who possesses extensive band experience and a dedicated fan base thanks to their numerous worldwide tours; Roa is a versatile multi-player with an enchanting voice, skilled in songwriting, composing, and dancing; and the incomparable pianist "Ilsang Yoon," who requires no further qualifications.

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Roa is a versatile artist in the group 'Someilsang' with an enchanting voice and skills in lyrics, composition, and dance. She made her debut as a member of an idol group and she had multiple appearances on public music programs including Music Bank, Show! Music Core, and INKIGAYO. In addition, she participates in the creation of music by writing lyrics and composing, including for Kwon Eun Bi and JURI's Epic Seven OST.

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