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“A place for media that is not bound by the times”


We are living in a more stimulating era than ever before, and we need stronger stimulation from the outpouring of content. And we ask whether it does not fit the times, whether it should be said to be out of fashion, or whether it should be thrown away.

Old ‘old’ and now ‘gold’

Production Gogeum wants to find ‘a way to communicate with the public without being turned away from any content.’a reflection of the times,The spirit of the times The naturalness found in what is shown makes people expect something new and Willingness to adapt to the rapidly changing environment of the times.


Beyond the fun and emotion that a single piece of content provides, We will grow into a production company that can tell more stories.

As of 2022, Production Gogeum is managing the related rights of over 1,200 artists.Based on these capabilities, we plan to focus on revitalizing media content production and produce stable and competitive content.


As a K-content production company, we lead trends and expand Asia.We want to take the lead in advancing into the global market.

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