Kapela Maliszów - Village Jazz

“We don’t play traditional music, we are tradition”

„Wiejski jazz” [Village jazz] is testament to the Malisze’s unrelenting urge to explore the types of music not necessarily popular or well received in the rural communities. Village jazz from Męcina Mała is a dreamed up jazz that represents a very unique and individualized approach to harmony. The musicians boldly follow the path chosen on their album “Mazurki niepojęte” [“Inconceivable mazurkas”]. Listening to their music you can still discern the trance-like and inconceivable rhythms and melodies of mazurkas, but something different also comes to the surface. It’s a longing for a new quality, on the one hand found in unusual harmonies, and more progressive, at times even radical improvisation, on the other – in a deeper immersion in the traditional village music. The new music of the Maliszes continues to be filled with Kacper’s virtuoso interpretations and the beautiful, maturing voice of Zuzanna. But is also peppered with Jan’s ideas, in particular the lively accordion melodies, which could be classed as examples of “new village music”.



회사명: (주) 프로덕션 고금  ㅣ  대표자: 조종훈

사업자등록번호: 426-87-01293  ㅣ  음악, 음악영상물 배급업 신고번호: 제2018-000001호

주소: 서울특별시 종로구 종로 33 그랑서울 타워1 7층

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